Friday, October 24, 2014

Vegan "Fajita Bites" (and 10 Other Uses for a Flood of Eggplant)

My boy and I were trying to come up with an appetizing name for my latest DELICIOUS recipe, when we suddenly came to the joint conclusion that no matter how we dressed it up, the word "eggplant" just isn't appealing.
Me - "What can we call eggplant to make it sound delicious?"
Him - "?"
Me - "Well...what sounds like it tastes better, 'eggplant CHIPS or eggplant BITES?'"
Him - "?"
Me - "What about eggplant ROUNDS?"
Him - "?"
Me - C'mon!  What can we call them that sounds GOOD?"
Him - Fajitas?

So these "fajitas" are easy enough and fantastic both for people who hate eggplant AND for those whose husband grows way more eggplant than any three families could possibly eat.  

To make these I sliced the eggplant very thinly.  That's because I can't stand eggplant, and I figured that the thinner they were, the less I would taste them:

Then I laid them all out on a plate and salted the slices.  You can soak them in the salt for a half hour up to all day.  I know this, because I accidentally on purpose left mine out all day, and they were fine.

I salted to get rid of the bitterness, but what it really did was make My Partner in Crime complain about the saltiness.  But, a good rinse and dry mostly solves all that.

I sprayed both sides with coconut oil and sprinkled with seasoning (I think fajita seasoning might be appropriate), microwaved for about three minutes, and a couple minutes at a time after that, turning them over on the plate now and then.  

I also left the microwave door open for a moment or two between zaps to allow the steam to escape. 

Unfortunately, if you have as much eggplant as we do around here, you won't have used up even a quarter of it yet.  

But don't worry!  There's plenty to do with a crop of wayward eggplant!

1) Call Daddy on the eggplant phone

2) Eggplant earrings

3) Cuddle up with a cozy eggplant

4) Play eggplant harmonica

5) Use as a math manipulative for counting and sorting 

6) Eggplant pillow - soft and cozy!

7) Play eggplant drum and eggplant trombone

8) Measure yourself with eggplant 

9) Keeps you company and helps you think

 10) Eggplant yoga!  (Or "Yoda" as it's known around here)

Any other great eggplant uses, please leave them in the comments!  We're kind of awash in it.

Just in case you've got as much of an eggplant influx as we do, here's the recipe for the "fajitas"!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

DIY Elmo Halloween Costume: Sewing Machines Need Not Apply

I've always made my kids' Halloween costumes, despite the fact that sewing machines are unwelcome in our home.

Last year Little Miss Destruction was a delicious sushi.  No sewing machine involved.

This year, "Emmo!" is everything.  So why not wrap that muppet up in tulle?

I gave instructions on how to make a no-sew tutu right here.  This time, I didn't get the tulle in spools, so I had to wrap it on a piece of cardboard to measure.

Of course I had help.

I highly recommend the spool - the cutting by the yard was kind of a pain. I also used a little headband rather than a elastic waistband this time.  It was just easier.

(Warning!  Warning!  This part right here is called an "affiliate post", because if someone were to click and buy, Amazon would toss a few pennies at me by way of commision.  Or at least it's supposed to work that way.  I'm still kind of new at this but I do know that I'm required to disclaim).

I got a little shirt and softy pants.  The best part is, you can use these as clothing once the holiday is over!  Which is a huge benefit in my book.  Pants and shirt also very easy to find on Amazon or wherever:

After the whole tutu thing, I hot glued a pompom, two cotton balls, and two buttons onto a red hat.

If I were to take the time to redo it (I won't), I would use white pompoms instead of cotton balls.  They got white fuzzies kind of all over.  Plus, the hot glue didn't stick quite as well to the cotton balls as it did to the pompom.

I also would have used a slightly larger hat:

All in all though, our Chief Content Provider and Head of Demolition is pretty happy with her costume.  Except for that first moment when I told her that I would be taking her picture...

She got over it though.

Happy weekend and happy almost Halloween all!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wordless Wednsday

I knew I would fail miserable at the "wordless" part.  But only because I wanted to link to the story. How could I not?

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