Sunday, January 18, 2015

In Which I Receive Something New for Our Chief of Destruction to Perform Her Magic - (plus GIVEAWAY!)

I have been using the Tea Tree/Melaleuca essential oil since 1998.  That's how hip and ahead of my time I am.

This once.

By accident.

So no one could be happier than me that essential oils have unexpectedly become trendy and ubiquitous. And *obviously* I was excited to get this pack of bath products chock full o' essential oils!!

Now, here's the part where I have to offer a disclaimer.  It's just an offer:

My new friend Nicole from It's The Balm sent me these bath products to review AND giveaway!!!!  And yet, all my opinions are my own.

(If she had wanted someone else's opinion, I assume she would have asked them.  And not me.)

It's the Balm!  Giveaway Review

So here's my honest to goodness true review.

It passed the "I have to be able to pronounce all the ingredients" test.  It even passed the "I know what all the ingredients are" test.  So...I sort of knew that before I approached Nicole in the first place, truth be told.

Test two - the smells.  Since our Chief Travel Correspondent has both eczema and asthma, I've been careful about smells and stuff for so many years that I've gotten pretty sensitive to it.  Here's the weird part!

Even my Partner in Crime enjoys the smell of these products!  That pretty much never happens.  Usually I use something new and he's all, "What's that smell?"

But fair's fair.  I generally do the same to him.

It's the Balm!  Review and Giveaway

And now for the specific stuff:

The body lotion is nice.  It is a surprising pink color and feels a little tingly almost.  It smells great, and I even tried it out on areas where I can tell eczema is ready to pounce if winter in Houston lasts any longer.  The eczema to be did not complain one bit!

The hand sanitizer: what can you really say about hand sanitizer?  I can't see the germs, but it smells and feels nice.  I'm hoping the germs are running like crazy, because I teach preschool, so I practically hold a meet and greet for every last germ that enters the greater Houston area.

The foot scrub is WONDERFUL!  I've tried making the stuff myself, and although what I made scrubbed and smelled nice, this really soothes and scrubs at the same time.  The one I made just kind of left the bathtub sort'a greasy.

The foaming bath wash is equally as DIVINE!  It looks like a regular foaming wash, but it feels like a million bucks!  It's smooth and moisturizing and smells incredible!  Considering it's truly reasonably priced, it makes for a wonderful small luxury.

cranberry spiced holiday candle

The candle. I'm not really a candle person.  I used to be before all the allergies, eczema, and asthma led me to ban them.  But my Chief Travel Correspondent is the only one with actual asthma, and she left for college, so we threw caution to the wind.  And, to be honest, the wind ended up smelling pretty nice!  Plus there's no dreaded lead or phlalates (I didn't even know phalates were a thing in candles, but none for me thanks!)

Now my FAVORITE!!!!  The foot balm!  I am ever in need of a great foot balm and this one did not disappoint!  It has Tea Tree Oil (did I mention I've been using Tea Tree Oil since 1998?) and is whipped and wonderful.

Actually, ALL the products (except maybe the candle) have essential oils and smell fantabulous.  And here's something even MORE wonderful!  Nicole has put together a gift pack for me to give to one of you guys!!

So why not get some free?

It turns out that Nicole is GIVING some of her bath products away!  Look at the nice set she put together!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So let's enter and win, folks!


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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Digestive Disease and Washi Tape

In case anyone thinks that just I'm just letting my Partner in Crime do all the work around here while I just sit around and eat bonbons, that's totally not true.  While he's been getting all the wiring and lighting done in the kitchen, I've done some very important stuff!

Like, for instance, I color coded our drinking glasses with washi tape:

washi tape

Seriously.  I did that.

And not only did I do it, but I stand by it as the best thing I've ever done with washi tape.  Six people make a TON of dirty dishes, especially if the tendency is to drink out of more than one per day.

If the colorful tape weren't enough to encourage people to use their same drinking glasses day in and day out, I threatened them with their lives if they didn't follow my ingenious plan.

So far so good.

I also made four of these hand soap dispensers.  Because I can never find the foaming ones that I like for anything less than, say, $12 and who wants to spend that when we already have tons of jars hanging around for the taking?

hand soap dispenser pump diy

Plus my partner in crime has this most wonderful clippy cutty thing that made making the holes in the lids so easy.

I sort of glanced at the instructions on this web page before totally ignoring them and doing my own thing.  As usual.

spice rack magnetic diy

Last but not least, I've been looking to solve the eternal problem of the Head of Destruction destroying every spice in the entire house.

spice rack magnetic diy

I know she's only doing her job, but cleaning up all that parsley gets old fast.

spice rack magnetic diy

In case you're thinking, "That's it?!?" don't worry.  There we still have a giant box and two baskets of spices that are not represented here.

Because I forgot to count the number of spices before ordering the jars.  So these are the ones that are lucky enough to be stuck to the side of our fridge using magnets.

Meanwhile, the tile is coming along.  Sort of.

I did mention I had a Twipply Skwood old style photo, right?!?!  Please excuse the quality (or lack thereof) since I had to take it in the rain on a cell phone.  But I've always wanted a picture of the Denny's and Subway right next to the Digestive and Liver Disease Clinic.

Convenient, no?  You can get the digestive disease and cure it right in the very same plaza!

Aside from the Editor in Chief having the flu (and me not having a flu shot), that's about the news from here!

If you'd like to see more of the kitchen renovation, try these posts!

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