Friday, October 17, 2014

DIY Elmo Halloween Costume: Sewing Machines Need Not Apply

I've always made my kids' Halloween costumes, despite the fact that sewing machines are unwelcome in our home.

Last year Little Miss Destruction was a delicious sushi.  No sewing machine involved.

This year, "Emmo!" is everything.  So why not wrap that muppet up in tulle?

I gave instructions on how to make a no-sew tutu right here.  This time, I didn't get the tulle in spools, so I had to wrap it on a piece of cardboard to measure.

Of course I had help.

I highly recommend the spool - the cutting by the yard was kind of a pain. I also used a little headband rather than a elastic waistband this time.  It was just easier.

(Warning!  Warning!  This part right here is called an "affiliate post", because if someone were to click and buy, Amazon would toss a few pennies at me by way of commision.  Or at least it's supposed to work that way.  I'm still kind of new at this but I do know that I'm required to disclaim).

I got a little shirt and softy pants.  The best part is, you can use these as clothing once the holiday is over!  Which is a huge benefit in my book.  Pants and shirt also very easy to find on Amazon or wherever:

After the whole tutu thing, I hot glued a pompom, two cotton balls, and two buttons onto a red hat.

If I were to take the time to redo it (I won't), I would use white pompoms instead of cotton balls.  They got white fuzzies kind of all over.  Plus, the hot glue didn't stick quite as well to the cotton balls as it did to the pompom.

I also would have used a slightly larger hat:

All in all though, our Chief Content Provider and Head of Demolition is pretty happy with her costume.  Except for that first moment when I told her that I would be taking her picture...

She got over it though.

Happy weekend and happy almost Halloween all!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wordless Wednsday

I knew I would fail miserable at the "wordless" part.  But only because I wanted to link to the story. How could I not?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Facebookdom Wants a Free Texture AND a Free Recipe Card!

When I asked all of Facebook whether they'd rather have a free texture or a free recipe card, SO MANY people responded that I didn't even feel like counting it up.

It was neck and neck between a texture and a recipe card for a little while, but I think the recipe card may be pulling ahead.

Unfortunately I already started working on a texture.  Because they're fun.  But it's okay.  I will TOTALLY do the recipe card too!

AND I promise I'll tally up the votes.  Because it seems sort of semi-negligent not to after people took the time to voice their opinions so prolifically like that.  But the $500 Paypal giveaway isn't over until the 14th, so I'll wait until people are done weighing in.

I am kind of addicted to taking pictures of rainbows with my cell phone.  The problem is, they're not great quality and then they sit on my phone doing nothing.

I always consider overlaying them with inspiring quotes, but I'm not really an inspired quotes kind'a gal.

So a texture was a fun way to dress this one up without getting all mushy.  Plus, it hides the poor quality of my cell phone.

I like using textures for buttons and graphics and stuff.  I don't really use them on pictures.  Like, almost never.  But here's how it would more or less look (before and after) if I did:

On the off chance that someone has landed here without previously being exposed to the fun that is textures, or even just for those who have only known me in Blogsilvania and never heard my voice, I made a little video tutorial.

My Chief of IT showed me how.

Plus, if you watch you get to hear the Chief Content Provider and Head of Demolition give her unsolicited opinion on her preferred blending mode.

I did the tutorial in Photoshop, but if you have Elements, it's pretty much the same. If you have neither, you can still get in on the fun using  You can even use Pixlr right in your browser!  
So that's about it folks!  My very first free download and my very first Photoshop and/or video tutorial. Click here to download and happy week everyone!!!!!!!

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Thursday, October 09, 2014

It's Time for a Few Promotions Around Here

I do pretty much everything there is to do on this particular piece o' internet.  The writing, the photography, the design.  All that stuff.  But I would be nowhere without my family and there's no way this teeny little website could survive without them.

I decided it was high time they were recognized for their hard work around here.  They're doing the same old same old, but these are their new and improved titles:

Promotion #1

Former Title: The Boonga
New Title: Chief Content Provider and Model 

If she's not eating it, it's only because she hasn't quite climbed up to get it yet.  What this girl wouldn't do for a laugh has yet to be discovered by mankind.

Promotion #2

Former Title: My Boy
New Title: Head of Security and Chief of IT Department

Likes to say things like, "Ummm...Mom?  Should our Chief Content Provider have a knife?"  Cures what ails my computer.  Searches for things on Google while I'm driving.  Hides from cameras.

Here he is with a childhood friend, moments their flight back from Israel this past summer.  Notice that our Head of Security shows every single moment of his kajillion hour flight while his childhood friend looks no worse for the wear.  I don't know why.  Allergies maybe.

Promotion #3

Former Title: Sweet Pea 
New Title: Off Site Travel Journalist

Submits photographs and travel pieces from Israel and New York City.  Says things like, "I did NOT say Kaboom!! 'And then Kaboom! His appendix exploded!'  I wouldn't even say that.  You're going to blog about that, aren't you?  So meta."

Promotion #4

Former Title: Older Gal
New Title: Editor in Chief

This gal not only reads everything on the website without me asking her to, but lets me know when I've substituted a "hear" for a "here".  Doubles as social media adviser and occasional babysitter.

Promotion #5

Former Title: The-Guy-Who-Knows-A-Song-About-A-Chicken
New Title: Partner in Crime and Chief Financial Officer

Understands and handles the millions of dollars that comes into our household via this blog.

JUST KIDDING!  This blog hasn't actually made any money.


But I hope it makes at least a little something one day.  Because then I can play with my camera and call it work.

Happy almost-weekend everyone!

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