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  1. You might be raising a Texan if your 15 year old daughter wakes up when it's 20 degrees and actually says the words, "It is SO COLD TODAY!!!! WHY are we having school?!?!" It's not her fault. The snow day with no snow was confusing for a lot of people I guess.

    My stepgal brought home a coffee mug that orders people around whenever they open up the cabinet:

    coffee mug copy

    I could never drink out of a mug like this in the morning, because I'd waste the entire rest of the day just thinking up ways to be either passive aggressive or just downright defiant. It's so hard to choose sometimes.

    Besides, some of these directives aren't even practical. Like, "Eat when you're hungry":

    coffee mug small part

    If I were the type to be ordered around by a coffee mug, first and foremost I'd have to quit my job. Because if I ate when I was hungry, I would be eating the entire livelong day. I wouldn't have time to eat all day AND hold down a job.

    And that's just ONE of the direct orders! The whole mug is covered in them. I probably wouldn't have time for vacations either.

    What I need is a coffee mug that's gives unsolicited advice in a gentler fashion. Something like this might help me make it to work in the morning:

    coffee mug 2 copy

    In other news, I finally threw these out yesterday after having them for two years:

    girl scout cookies copy

    I thought having two year old cookies would protect me somehow, because why buy more when you still have some from two years ago? But it turns out that there's really no protection from girl scout cookies (Sorry Julie!).

    At any rate, it's time to start a countdown. I don't think I actually graduate until April and won't see a piece of paper saying so until summer, but if all goes as planned I should be done with all the work for my Master's in six weeks.

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    1. SJ said...

      A Master's in blogging? Random picture taking? Or maybe you are saving that for the doctorate ;)

    2. No, no! A Master's in teaching reading!!!! So the kids can READ our blogs! :-) No doctorate, no no NO!

    3. SJ said...

      I hope the kids wait till they are grown up before they read MY blog. I have weasels on it.

    4. Yeah they might want to wait 'til they read certain parts of mine too. :-0

    5. Arizaphale said...

      You are so a better woman than me Gunga Din. I did two subjects of Masters 6 years ago and called it quits on account of 1) money 2) time 3) talent(lack thereof)
      I offer you congratulations in advance and assure you that although it is not possible to always eat when you are hungry, I frequently nap when I am tired...under my desk....on the staff room couch...
      So the coffee mug would be proud of me.

    6. Arizaphale - Well, I didn't have to worry about the money, because my school has a grant. So that's a big piece! I seriously, seriously doubt that you lack the talent. But I'm right there with you on the time thing. I can not even wait until I get my weekends back!

      As for the naps, I would seriously embarrass myself if I even started listing places where I grab an occasional nap. I'm pretty sure I could do the mug proud on the napping front as far as locations go, although if I really napped whenever I wanted, the preschoolers would have committed mutiny by now.

    7. Marlene said...

      I've been known to eat old cookies. Ok, maybe not two years old. But old, just the same. Maybe if I can convince myself they all taste old, I won't eat 'em anymore. Ha. right.

    8. Staci said...

      Cool! Can we throw you a cyber party when you get your MA?

    9. annabelle g said...

      YAYYYYYY for you!!!!!

    10. Marlene - Unless you get them out of your very own oven, they're already old when you get them! Does that help? :-)

      Staci - Cyber party sounds good! People have asked me if I'm going to have a real party or go to my graduation ceremony and I'm all, "The only thing I want to do is stay in bed on a Sunday and read the paper!" :-) :-) :-)

    11. Leilani said...

      Oh your post made me laugh! So so true about the 'Eat when you are hungry'. I am never not hungry!!
      Yay for graduating, fingers crossed!

    12. Thanks Annabelle & Leilani!

    13. Esther said...

      LOL, so funny and I agree...I'm worse tho, I eat even when I'm not hungry. ahhhH! Fortunately not girl scout cookies tho, cause I still have some from 2 or 3 years ago too! hahahaha

    14. Tracy said...

      Six Weeks.. way to go!!
      Ok I need to know, did you try a cookie before you chucked them out? Come on I know you did. Oh would that have only been me? lol.

    15. um, I hate that coffee mug.

    16. Yolanda said...

      That is one bossy mug! Cute post. And congrats on your Masters!

    17. Reds said...

      Love the mug - but it is quite bossy! And two years is a bit much for eating old cookies... I would draw the line at 1 year!! LOL!

    18. Krista P said...

      I need that mug. Really, I do.

      And about the cookies - gross. lol. I should admit that I likely have a box of two-year-old girl scout cookies in my pantry too.

    19. Slyde said...

      i think we are on the same wavelength.. i just threw out last years cookies in a grand fashion over the weekend!

    20. Lotus07 said...

      Wait a threw out perfectly good Girl Scout cookies, and peanut butter ones no less? SINNER!!!!!

    21. Esther - Yeah, I do that too on the rare, rare occasions when I'm not hungry! I'm usually hungry though.

      Tracy - Would you believe it never even occurred to me to try a two year old cookie? I'd bet it was me though, not you. :-)

      Kerry - Whenever you come visit, I'll hand write one for you with a dry erase that suits you better! For real! A dry erase is how I did the other mug!

      Thanks Yolanda!

      Reds - Yeah, I'm sure they're fine. But I'm not going to find out. :-)

      Krista - In that case, if you ever visit, I won't hand make you a different mug like I'm going to need to do for Kerry! :-) :-) :-)

      Slyde - I'm lucky for this year - I found out my daughter can take her to play rehearsal!

      Bruce - Next time I have two year old cookies, I'll send them your way. Will that save my soul?