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  1. A belated birthday present - Sweet Pea has been asking me forever and a half to do a "Non-Clever-Business-Names" post. I decided a clever vs. non-clever would a fun way to do it, but the problem is, clever business names are a little scarce.

    NON-clever business names are a dime a dozen though. Misspelling the business name does not necessarily mean the name of the business is clever. Or creative. Or Quee-ative either.

    I know! I know! The name of my blog is misspelled but it's something funny my nephew said. I'm not really the pot calling the kettle black. Or maybe I am.

    I have to sneak in an Israel photo here. It's hard to tell if this is a purposeful misspelling or a translation error, since Hebrew doesn't really have letters for vowels:

    Translations themselves can be amusing sometimes. Would you rather leave the airplane in English, or in French? Because if you're trying to leave in French, don't be making a right turn!

    This sign in English asks you not to loiter, which as I understand it can be a solo activity. But in Spanish, it technically only asks you not to congregate, so does that mean if you only speak Spanish, you're allowed to loiter if you're by yourself?

    Totally unrelated to anything except for sneaking in photos of Israel, here's a flag in Jerusalem:

    Last but not least, here's my boy. He loves me, because I bought him Mexican food.

    But he hates me, because Don't I EVER stop taking his picture? EVER?!?!

    He doesn't really hate me. He's a good guy, that boy-o-mine.

    Also, my blog pictures are small again and I'm not the least bit pleased about it. I might have to change my whole template. But, as Janet at Of Cats & Cardstock sometimes says, you can "click to biggefy" if you are so inclined. At least I think you can.

    (Update - I figured out how to get big pictures that don't look icky! But I'm not going to redo all the pictures on this post, just some of them. And also, there's no way to "biggefy" the small ones. I hope I didn't waste you a click!)

  2. 23 comments:

    1. WHAT kind of cuts?!? The bottom leg of the second e is falling off which made me think that was an F. I was then horrified, then I thought of your cousin seeing it and him laughing maniacally which made me laugh so its all ok now. J looks too grown up. You give em a Bar Mitzvah and POOF! They turn into young men.

    2. Arizaphale said...

      heh heh heh! vair funny. And yes, I was going to say that your Boy is suddenly looking liking a matinee idol.

    3. Marlene said...

      PREETY woman? ROFLMAO!!!!

      Your son is so handsome!

    4. MarkD60 said...

      I didn't know blogger let you have titles that long!
      If you want to change the photo size, when you're on the 'post' page, click "edit html". Then you can see the size of the photos. 400 is the good width for my template. You can fool around with it and set it how you like. It also works for videos.

    5. Reds said...

      I love your sign posts!! That preety woman - funny! And your boy is too cute!

    6. Yolanda said...

      Great photos! I love the signs! And what a handsome young man you have there!

    7. Amanda said...

      Your sign pictures make me smile :) I'll have to keep my eyes open when I am out and about with my camera. I love the confusing interpretations too!

    8. pat said...

      Oh my gosh---I love these!!! I am always on the lookout for a good (using the term loosely) sign, and these are wonderful! Thanks for starting my day with a good chuckle.

    9. Cid - Well, my cousin's maniacal laugh *IS* contagious! :-) :-)

      Cid & Arizaphale & Marlene - It's TRUE about the bar mitzvah! That's exactly what happens! My boy has been carrying the groceries in without me asking and everything! I love it. And thank you!

      Mark - Yeah, I try not to be so wordy in my posts, but the title is another story altogether!

      Are you talking about editing within the post itself or in the design of the blog? Because within the post itself the problem is that if I change the numbers individually by picture, they shrink to 400 x 299 and then stretch back out to 600 x 398 which totally and completely isn't what I want, as dorky as that sounds. I think I need to figure out in the blog template itself. I'm reminding myself of my Sweet Pea in her toddlerhood, with her howling "I want it the way I want it!!!!" when she couldn't get things right! :-)

      Thank you Reds & Amanda & Yolanda!!!!

      Pat - Thanks you & I'm glad! Chuckling is a great way to start a day!

    10. OOH! LOVE the new layout. The turquoise and white w/ a hint of orange reminds me of old school Howard Johnson's. And fried clams.

    11. Thanks Cid! I couldn't figure out how to get my pictures the right size using my old set up. I figured it was easier to just start fresh! I'm not crazy about the size of the font in the sidebar, but other than that I think it will work!

    12. Tracy said...

      I really don't think I would get my quef-ative cut from them.

      You find the best signs :)
      You son looks like he would do anything for his mommy :)

    13. I could definitely do a post like this!! We have some crazy stuff around here.
      Do you carry your camera with you everywhere? What kind do you use??

      Thanks Preety woman!

    14. Thank you Tracy! I'm thinking my hair is queeative enough as it is too!

      Kerry - I carry a camera with me everywhere I go, but it isn't always my good camera. I've had my good camera (Nikon D5000) with me everywhere I go all summer long. I haven't had it with me at school yet/during the school year, because I've been too paranoid about keeping it locked up and stuff. But after I've gotten used to having it with me all summer long, I might not want to go back to just having my point & shoot during the school year. Well...I still have until early August to decide.

    15. Slyde said...

      when i read that preety woman sign, i pictured Peppy Le Pew saying the name in his dippy french accent...

    16. tz said...

      wandered over here from mama loves gucci and have to say, love your pictures..they're awesome.

    17. cbeck said...

      Well it's very bright and cheery around here today! Have you always had that Mary Oliver quote and I just forgot about it, or is that new? I absolutely love her poetry!

      Hilarious signs!

    18. Funny Slyde!

      Thank you TZ! I had trouble getting to your blog...kept getting an error. :-(

      Thanks Cbeck! I've always had that quote, but I think it shows up better now that I redid the colors.

    19. cbeck said...

      It is entirely possible that I've always know it was there. After I left that comment I began wondering if I had even commented about it in the past. I refrained from searching through your archived to see if I had, thus avoiding embarrassing myself! :)

    20. Oh do I ever know that feeling. :-)

    21. Anonymous said...

    22. Lotus07 said...

      It is sort of a sad day with the worship of your favorite diety comes below and barber and nails by Cindy.....

    23. Bruce - Yeah. That didn't escape my notice. But I just couldn't really figure out where to go with it. ;-) :-)